Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Accelerate Your Websites's Speed, Security & SEO Rankings

A Global Content Delivery Network Built for Optimal Security, Speed and Scale

t’s the most critical feature of the cWatch Web security stack. Since website performance and reliability can directly affect your organization’s branding, customer experience, competitve edge and profitability, the days of serving a site from one measly server are dead.

Sites hosted from a single location lack capabilities, hackers see them as prime targets for DDoS attacks, bot attacks, content scraping, ransomware and more. Additionally, poor connectivity, bandwidth and reliability now adversely impact how search engines view and rank your website. Nowadays, every
website needs a CDN—cWatch Web has your back.

You’ll instantly tap into Comodo’s global network of 29 Points of Presence (PoP) and feel the power of this global cloud. These 29 edge servers ensure super-fast delivery and protect your origin server with ease. It’s not just about the number of PoPs, this network knows how to scale too.

In the cWatch Web control panel, there are the essential controls to reduce onboarding, provide transparency and actionable intelligence so you remain in complete control.

Your users will thank you later. The CDN pushes all of your web assets to the high-speed edge servers so the content is closer to your users. It shaves seconds off of site load times.

The traffic-shaping logic and the wholly-owned routers ensure the fastest delivery route is always the top priority. There’s even peering agreements already in place with over 600 ISPs all over the world, the heavy-lifting is done. 

cWatch Web’s scalable protection will stop the largest Distributed-Denial-of-Service attacks out there.

The low latency PoPs even have strategically placed sink holes to tame stubborn attacks if necessary. And of course, there’s Layer 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 protection to keep SYN floods and UDP floods in check at all times.

Page speed is an extremely important ranking factor ever since Google announced it’s mobile-first indexing strategy. It quickly became a key success indicator for high SEO rankings.

Lucky for you, this CDN will instantly improve your page load speeds dramatically. By seconds. Think about it, you’ll be delivering content from a location that is closer to the user. It’s faster.

Once you’re hooked in to the network, you get to piggy-back off all of the security in place everywhere. We’re talking continuous network scanning, like regular ping sweeps, port scans, vulnerability scans, etc.

Each PoP has things like automation and configuration management in place as a malware defense mechanism.

By eliminating the risk of single point failure, you’ll be able to achieve and maintain high availability 24x7x365.

In other words, if your server or one of the CDN’s edge server goes down for any reason, the other Points of Presence can pick up the slack to ensure no application interruption on the user’s end. Ever.

how cdn works

How your new CDN will work

When a visitor attempts to access your site, the request is sent to a cached version of your site located on the geographically closest Point of Presence (PoP) on Comodo’s global network of 29 strategically placed PoPs or edge servers, drastically reducing latency, improving site speed and becoming your first layer of defense.

These edge servers boast almost unlimited bandwidth, making it easier to manage traffic spikes, minimize unplanned downtime and mitigate any DDoS attack thrown your way. Also, this boost in page load speeds
has a tremendously positive impact on your SEO ratings.

performance benefits

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